About Library

 Name: Mrs Aditi Joshi
  Designation: Librarian
  Qualification: M.Phil.,M.Lib
  Contact: 9826697924
  Email: aditijoshi@gmail.com
  Library Email : librarygmm@gmail.com


LIBRARY TIME                      -8:00AM TO 1:00 PM
BOOK RETURN TIME           -8:00 AM TO 10 PM
BOOK ISSUE TIME                -10:30 AM TO 1:00 PM

                               CLASS                                                    DAY
         B.SC I,II,III                                                    TUESDAY ,FRIDAY
         B.C.A.I,II,III, PGDCA,DCA                          WEDNESDAY,SATURDAY

Library Rules
The following rules are prevalent for college library, Implementation of these rules are essential to the students.
1. Library books will be issued on submission of library card.
2. If the library has only one copy of a book than it cannot be taken for study at home. The book has to be studies only in the library.
3. Every student will be given one book at a time for 7 days for home study. Penalty of Rs.5/- per day on non return of the book on appointed time.
4. Library will be opened for students from 8 AM to 1 PM. Students can take or return book in this period. 
5. Any type of damage to the books while reading or issuing will be fined.
6. If book is lost or torn by anyone than submission of new copy of the same book is compulsory.
7. Students must returning library books to the library before annual exams and obtain no dues certificate from library.

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